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Gender-based restrictions on the legal contract known as “marriage” have been removed per the Supreme Court of the United States

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The Supreme Court of the United States (a.k.a., SCOTUS) has ruled today in favor removing the gender-based restriction on the legal contract known as “marriage”. Some names for this concept are “marriage equality”, “same-sex marriage”, “gay marriage”, and other things.

To all of my Christian friends:

It is not our place have the government push our morals onto those who don’t want it. A relationship with The Lord is a personal choice, not a government mandate. Jesus himself said that.

This is not the destruction of The Church. Do you really think that the U.S. Congress has the ability to overpower God? Really? Also, have you forgotten that Scripture explains that all sin is the same? You’re either sinless (including being covered by the blood of The Lamb) or you’re not. If you have ever lied, you are just as sinful as you believe homosexuals to be.

To all of my Conservative friends

“Smaller government” won today. Now, there is one fewer area where the government is allowed to tell us what we can and cannot do in our own personal lives. This decision does not add a restriction on American citizens; it removes a restriction. This is a good thing (since there are too many laws anyway, right?).

To all of my American Constitution-supporting friends:

Our Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal”. Of course, the author was using the word “men” to refer to “humankind” (using the grammatical concept known as “the male generic”). Today, that principle was upheld by our nation’s highest judicial authority — the ones charged with validating that lower-level laws are compatible with higher-level laws like the Constitution.


To those who are outraged at the Supreme Court’s decision this morning that same-sex marriage is Constitutional, I ask you this: Does it change or impact your faith? Does it add undue burden to your own life? Does it impact your marriage? Does it make Christ any less powerful?

I implore you: Let people live their lives. It’s none of your business what other people do, just like it’s nobody else’s business what you do. If you have an opportunity to share your faith with another human being, and they are willing to listen, go ahead. Carry out the Great Commission. But if the SCOTUS decision causes you to feel rage inside, I would ask you to pray on it. Pray on your feelings, pray on your mind, then listen when God speaks to your heart. Because I know that God is not one to fill His people with rage.

Be sensible

Please have more sense — and more faith in God — than these people do…

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