Dear Nintendo, Part II

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PHP, DOMDocument, XPath 1.0, Case-Insensitivity, and Performance

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Dear Nintendo…

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Thoughts on Gun Ownership

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Stupid, Short-Term Self-Interest

Politics1706 words9 minutes to read

A View of the Current Presidential Candidates by a Political Moderate

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Please support #Lessig2016 and the Citizen Equality Act of 2017

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If your website supports passwords, please stop sucking at it

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FISA, The NSA, PRISM and Edward Snowden

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Password security is important. Start treating it like it is.

Privacy and Security1557 words8 minutes to read

Things I learned about how websites manage passwords

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Breaking my bad password habits with 1Password, Authy, OAuth and OpenID

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The Microsoft Ecosystem

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Aaron Swartz

Death3466 words17 minutes to read

In response to ”DEAR APPLE: I'm Leaving You”

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How to make technical professionals not hate your guts: A guide for technical recruiters

Clueless Recruiters1928 words10 minutes to read

Netflix: Crazy or Genius?

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Iranian cyber-terrorism, online security, and you!

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Skating to where the puck will be

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Comparing the HP TouchPad to the iPad 2

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The Hiring Process, Part I: What I Look For in a CV/Résumé

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Lessons I've learned from running a startup

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Movie Review: The Last Airbender

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Installing PHP 5.3 with mysqlnd on Mac OS X with MacPorts

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Why do you love coming back to a sales person?

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Proof that the youth are revolting

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