Apple’s October 2014 Product Announcement

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Apple’s October 16th product announcement begins at 10am PST; 1pm EST.

My guesses?

  • Definitely: OS X Yosemite, iTunes 12, and the next-gen iPad Air and iPad mini.

  • Maybe: Updated Thunderbolt 2 + Retina display (I’d guessed at this last year and was wrong), iMac with Retina display, updates to the MacBook Pro line, Apple TV 4 with support for third-party apps.

  • Not a chance: An HDTV, more info about Apple Watch, a mega-sized iPad, or a pull-string-to-talk Steve Jobs doll.

New iPads

Thinner, faster, beefier. I would expect to see a marginally-improved camera, and Touch ID is a definite.

iPad Air and iPad mini should have equal specs, except for the screen sizes. I don’t believe that a 12-point-whatever-inch “iPad Air Plus” will be a thing.

Retina Thunderbolt 2 Display

I’ve been looking forward to the successor to the Thunderbolt display for quite a while now, and I really hope that this is it. Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0 have been shipping in modern Macs for a couple of years now, and I’m anxious to see an updated display.

Also, Helvetica looks like ass in Yosemite on non-Retina displays. It seems like a good time to update.

Apple TV 4

I’ve also been keenly interested in seeing support for third-party apps on Apple TV.

With modern SDK features like better scalability for different viewports, games for iPad (4:3) and iPhone (16:9), the introduction of a controller API in iOS 7, the Metal API, and a well-built system for managing your account, apps and games, introducing a new Apple TV capable of gaming and third-party apps seems ripe.

Maybe not PS4 or Xbox One-caliber just yet, but Apple TV has been outselling both of them (by an order of magnitude) for a couple of years now. Nintendo should be very, very worried.

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