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As the rest of the world is reporting, Mozilla Firefox 0.9 is now available, as well as a release candidate of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7. Awesome. For those who were using bleeding edge builds of Firefox, you’ll need to manually move your profile data to the new folder. The Profile folder changed twice since Firefox 0.8, and FF 0.9 only moves the 0.8 profile rather than the 0.8.0+ profiles.


I got a GMail invite today. I haven’t used it much yet since today was a very busy day at work, but I like how I’m told I’m using 0% of 1 Gigabyte. Also, Yahoo! Mail bumped up storage space to 100MB for the free accounts (2GB for the paid accounts), and 10MB per email. Teriffic. Now I can email my dial-up friends 9.8 MB emails.


The power went out at work today, so I got to come home a little early. My best friend Eric, who is in the US Air Force, is moving to Texas on Friday for his Navigator training. For those who don’t know what a Navigator is, he’s essentially Goose instead of Maverick (for those who’ve seen “Top Gun”). He came to visit me last night, went to San Francisco to visit his cousin today, and will swing back through on his way back to his parents house where he will be staying until Friday morning when he leaves. =(


I’ve been so enthused about my new PowerBook G4 that I haven’t even tried to get Windows XP re-installed on my desktop computer yet. I need to do that because that’s where all of my web development and graphics software is. And I still miss my Feed Demon (Nick, please start doing cross-platform development on it!).


Lastly, my big redesign that fell through the cracks a couple of months ago when I got a new job and had to start commuting is now back in development. My focus for this redesign is more about the structure, availability, and presentation of data than it is about a visual redesign. However, you should expect a visual change. I’m not too sure how much yet, but there will be a change. I plan on keeping multiple stylesheets, including the one from this current design. My favorite is the current “Default” stylesheet, while I’ve been told that other people still prefer the “Classic” stylesheet. Which of the two should I keep as the secondary or tertiary stylesheet?

It’s the middle of the week (almost). The weekend is right around the corner!

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