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After realizing that the pre-installed copy of Microsoft Office was simply a 30-day trial, I had the wonderful experience of trying to get installed today.

Because there hasn’t been a native “Aquification” release of OpenOffice, I started reading directions about installing XDarwin — an open source version of the X-Windows X11 windowing system. Time to fire up the old command line. Woo-hoo!

I’ve spent a bit of time fooling around with both BeOS 5 and Red Hat Linux 8.0, so the Posix-compliant shell isn’t new to me. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time in MS-DOS, so that isn’t much of a problem.

After downloading the necessary .tgz files, figuring out how to run the file as ‘root’, and getting everything worked out, I’d get the dialog box asking me if I wanted to use Full Screen or Rootless mode, and as soon as I’d choose one, XDarwin would close. No explanation or anything.

Welcome to the world of Unix.

I then downloaded and installed OroborOSX. What I didn’t know was that OroborOSX requires XDarwin… and XDarwin kept crashing. Well crap.

I did quite a bit more digging around, and came across information on downloading Apple’s semi-open-source Voila! OpenOffice was able to launch with no problems! The only thing I don’t like about it — which is extremely minor — is that the doesn’t minimize when Open Office starts.

The other thing is that it looks way more like Unix than it does Mac OS X. I was under the belief that OroborOSX adds some cool OSX-like widgets, but I could never get it to run.

This Mac OS X stuff is cool! I’m off to do more of it! Anyone got any insight about getting XDarwin to work?

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