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Our First Christmas Tree

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My wife and I have been married for roughly 3.5 years. For most of that time, we were renting a room from her parents. Whenever Christmas would come around, her parents would get a tree and decorate it, and I was never really part of the process. This year is the first year where we have our own place where we can pick out the tree together, decorate it together, and wrap presents together (although she’s really good, and I just goof it all up).

So, we went out to the Christmas tree farm by our house this past weekend. I walked in and found the perfect tree… a 7-foot Noble Fir. My wife looked at me, squinted, and asked what I was doing. I told her that this was the perfect tree for our place. She shook her head, and took me over to the ugly Douglas trees. She insisted on a Douglas, I insisted on a Noble. We ended up walking out with a Noble.

Then, we went to go get the decorations for our new tree. I like the larger colored bulbs, and the round Christmas balls. She likes to use all of the crap ornaments that she’s collected since she was a little girl. We ended up deciding that we would trade off every other year. I would take this first year, and next year she can decorate her ugly tree however she wants to… and that’s fine.

So, we finally got our awesome Noble Fir with the round balls up and set. It’s beautiful! This is the first time I’ve found myself excited about Christmas in several years. Not that Christmas isn’t an important celebration—it very much is—I just haven’t been that excited for a while.

Anyways, here’s to our first Christmas together in our own place. I hope that everyone else has an easier time preparing for Christmas than I have this year. =)


I’m retarded. My wife is right. After being challenged and Googling for pictures, it was in fact the Douglas that I liked. Besides that, we got the good tree… whatever it’s called.

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