Lord of the Rings Name Translator

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I came across this over at this morning. It’s a Lord of the Rings name translator. You enter your name, and a couple other bits of information, and it’ll tell you your various names.

Here’s what I got:

Dear Ryan Parman,
If you were a Hobbit, your name would be “Budoc Holeman”
If you were a (male) Man, your name would be “Moddyn”
If you were an Elf, your name would be “Isindil”
If you were a Dwarf, your name would be “Vonus”
If you were an Orc, your name would be “Prulo”
Your nearest Tavern might be called “The Splintered Ego Tavern”
Your sword would be called “Pelcatsil”

Punch in other people’s names too. It’s quite entertaining!

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