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New (To Me) Blogs and RSS/Atom Support

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I’ve added some more sites to the Blogs I Read section lately. With how many sites I follow, I should really rename it to “Blogs I Scan”, but I still read more than I scan. On top of that, some aren’t even blogs. They’re news sites. Oh well. Most of them are read in heavy rotation by many people already, but I’m fairly picky with what I bother to read. Anyways, here they are (in alphabetical order). All of them have been added within the last 2–3 weeks.

I’ve also categorized them all into various sections. Each section has an OPML feed so that you can import any or all of these feeds straight into your RSS/Atom Reader.

The “Recent Posts” part of each blog listing displays the 3 most recent posts to each website. There is also a fourth option, “Read More »”, that allows you to read the RSS feed through the normal Skyzyx.com interface, via my RSS/Atom Reader. Simple, cool, easy.

Also, I know that I just gave it away, but I’ve added Really Stupid Atom Support to my installation of the Magpie RSS Parser. It now supports Atom 0.3 feeds, but I haven’t tested earlier Atom feeds. If anyone thinks Atom 0.2 or 0.1 support is worthwhile, contact me with a feed URL.

I’ve been asked about parsing RSS feeds for people who don’t have PHP. Since I don’t know Perl, and some people couldn’t use it anyways, I’ve begun writing an RSS/Atom parser in JavaScript. No ETA yet, but it’s on the way.

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