Apple’s Fall 2013 Product Announcement

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Apple’s fall product announcement begins at 10am PST; 1pm EST.

My guesses?

  • Definitely: Next-gen iPhone 5S, iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, iTunes 11 (with iTunes Radio), updated MacBook Pro.

  • Maybe: New iPads (though I’d bet on spring instead), lower unsubsidized-cost iPhone for other (non-American) countries, updated iMac, updated Thunderbolt 2 display (with USB 3.0).

  • Not a chance: An HDTV, a wrist-watch, a pull-string-to-talk Steve Jobs doll.

How’d I do?

How good were my predictions? Well, this event was a little shorter than I was expecting and they only covered iPhone-related stuff.

  • Next-gen iPhone 5S. Check.

  • iOS 7. Check.

  • iTunes Radio. Sort-of. It got coverage on the website, but not the event.

  • Lower unsubsidized-cost iPhone for other (non-American) countries. I’m going to say I was wrong. Instead, Apple changed their strategy and created a slightly-modified iPhone 5 called the 5c.

  • New MacBook Pro. I was also wrong here.

Ryan Parman

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