Sweet Little Utility: BluePhoneElite

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Normally, new bits of software don’t warrant a normal posting on this site, but I’ve just found a little Mac OS X utility that’s awesome! The utility is called BluePhoneElite. If you have a Bluetooth phone that is compatible with iSync (you’ll have to check the site for exact compatibility details), this little thing is a gem!

Depending on your phone’s level of compatibility with Bluetooth and such, you can:

  1. Have an alert show up on your screen when someone calls you, listing their name, phone number, and picture — pulled straight from your Address Book!
  2. Send SMS messages straight from your computer!
  3. Show you your signal strength and remaining battery life in either your dock, your menubar, or both!

Now, my Motorola v330 isn’t officially supported by iSync or BluePhoneElite. However, I hacked in support for my phone into iSync 2.0 last week. When I installed BluePhoneElite, it picked my phone right up — no problems.

Very, very cool.

Ryan Parman

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