Status Icon Sets: Flat, Glass, and Shadow

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I’ve been doing tons of Ajax development at work lately. One of my projects (that I built on my own time, and therefore own complete rights to — just in case there was a question) was a very very simple content management system designed only to read/write news postings to the database (with support for Textile formatting), and generate an RSS feed, all with a slick Ajax-based interface. I pitched it to my boss as a replacement for the one we currently had in place, and then implemented it as a tool for our in-house intranet.

Anyways, I thought that some nice status icons would be a nice touch to top off the effects I was using, to show success, failure, and other information. So I sat down with Fireworks, and went to work. I designed one set, then modified it to create another, then modifed more to make another. And now I’m giving them away.

I’ve bundled 3 sets with 5 icons each. The sets are “Flat”, “Shadow”, and “Glass”, with a fourth set called “Mini-Flat” that’s just a 16x16 version of the “Flat” style. Check ’em out:

Status Icon Set

If you like ’em, go ahead and download them. Enjoy!

Ryan Parman

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