American Idol 2005

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Well, I can’t resist bragging about this. I called it… for the second year in a row.

Last year, the top 32 sang in groups of 8 people per week for 4 weeks, before the group got whittled down to the top 12. In the first group of 8, the first person to sing was Diana Degarmo, and the last was Fantasia Barrino. After hearing them sing (and before I’d heard the other 24 contestants sing), I made the “official” prediction to my friends and family that 4–5 months later, Fantasia would finish #1 and Diana would finish #2. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.

This year, I made the prediction back in early February that out of the top 24, Carrie Underwood would be #1, Bo Bice would be #2, and Vonzell Solomon would take #3. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Granted, I only predicted it 3.5 months in advance this year, but I still called it! :)

Maybe I should go to work for American Idol. Or go to Vegas and place ridiculous bets on certain people winning. I did it two years in a row, maybe I can do it again? C’mon lucky sevens…

Ryan Parman

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