SimplePie 0.95

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SimplePie 0.95 is now available. Anyone who is using any other version of SimplePie should update now. Major features/changes in this version include: Much improved support for reading all feeds, resolved display issues with <code> and <pre> tags, and added the ability to alter the display of feed dates using PHP’s date() variables.

This version is pretty much feature-complete. The only remaining pre–1.0 work will be testing and catching any remaining bugs. I might add a couple of minor features, but nothing too major. I’m open to feature requests for the 1.0 - 1.1 releases, so if SimplePie is missing something or if it should have something that other parsers don’t, let me know.

« Update » If you downloaded SimplePie within 60 minutes of this posting, you should re-download it. I fixed a glitch that affected feeds from East of GMT, and some related documentation.

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