Welcome Movable Type!

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I’ve just switched over to the Movable Type publishing system. So far, so good. I can tell that there are many, many, many features available in this system that will make weblogging easier than the hand-rolled way. So far, I like it. I’m still working on configuration stuff and getting my templates set up, but besides that this is definitely a Good Thing™. We’ll see how this all goes…

Ryan Parman

Ryan Parman is an experienced Software/DevOps/Security engineer, currently living in Seattle. He is the creator of and , patented multifactor-authentication-as-a-service at , and came up with the idea of “serverless, event-driven, responsive functions in the cloud” while at AWS in 2010. Ryan's aptly-named blog, , is where he writes about ideas longer than . Ambivert. Curious. Not a coffee drinker.