Time For A Redesign?

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I’m sitting here looking at my website. I think it’s one of my better “simple” designs, but I started coding it earlier in my web standards days. Although it validates, it’s not semantic. I’ve designed a few sites using semantic XHTML+CSS… particularly Golden Rule Produce and a quick mock-up for Pajaro Valley Fresh. I’d like to rewrite my code to be semantic.

I definitely want to keep the same general design and color scheme, but I want to clean up the code a bit, and do something better with the right-hand menu so I can nix the single layout table I have. Especially with the introduction of Movable Type and all of it’s automation glory, I think I should make room for the features that it offers.

It’ll be nice to not have to hand-roll my own RSS 2.0 feeds. I can get feedback on articles and posts, and hopefully it’ll generate more hits. At the moment, I get roughly 20 hits a day from Google, but it’d be nice to see that increase through an easier to manage content management system.

I think I’ll take a crack at it over the weekend.

Ryan Parman

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