Play By The Rules

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I keep ending up having these discussions debates with people a person that is beginning to irritate me. They keep going on and on about how modern web design styles suck, that there are no good-looking XHTML+CSS sites on the web (except, of course, for CSS Zen Garden, and that the all-mighty W3C is just making new rules (aka “standards”) for web design to shove the poor common people out of the market.

I have since decided that this individual is a lost cause in the case of web standards, and as such, I am boycotting their website in protest. Of course that really doesn’t make much of a difference, but it sure makes me feel better. This spawned a quick, cut-the-crap, to-the-point, big picture article on the future of web standards and what it means to the web — specifically in the matter of how all web designers should approach it.

Please enjoy: Play By The Rules.

(BTW, I got graded an A+ by OracleGuy and got a gold star from Brothercake

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