Mozilla SeaMonkey vs Mozilla Firebird™

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For you Gecko fans out there, the Mozilla Foundation has released Mozilla 1.5a still based on SeaMonkey code. Now, I was under the impression that when they said “Firebird will replace SeaMonkey” that they were talking about codebases, not products. I had thought that Mozilla 1.6 or 1.7 would switch from the SeaMonkey codebase to the Firebird codebase, but according to the Mozilla Firebird™ Roadmap, it looks as though the Mozilla Application Suite product will come to an end, and the Mozilla Firebird™ browser will be the currently supported product.

On the other hand, I downloaded Mozilla Firebird™ 0.6 yesterday, and I must say that I wasn’t all that impressed. Sure it’s quick and all, but it’s not nearly as fully-featured as SeaMonkey. Now, I know that Firebird™ is intended to be a standalone browser, but it’s not even fully-featured enough for that. There is still a lot of work to do before I’m willing to give up the features of SeaMonkey for Firebird™. Of course, if what I’ve come to believe from the roadmap is correct, then I’ll probably be ready to switch by Firebird™ 0.8 or 0.9… somewhere in there.

Ryan Parman

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