Opera 7.11 Bug

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I just downloaded Opera 7.11 today. I’ve been doing my web testing with Opera 6.05 and 7.03. Everything looks great in those Opera versions, but Opera 7.11 goofs on my <td align="top"> tag for the right-side menubar. I hope they fix it in Opera 7.12 or Opera 7.2 (whichever comes next).

“What? I thought this site was standards-compliant!” It is. I have what is called a “hybrid” site… kind of. A hybrid site is one that is in transition of making the move to CSS-only layouts. A CSS-only layout was my intention, but a rendering bug in all versions of IE/Win wouldn’t let me do it. And since IE/Win is the significant majority of all browsers, I had to do it. However, all of the TABLE’s formatting, sizing, etc. is done with CSS. Even then, it’s only a single table with a single pair of TD’s — with one set of TR’s, of course. Look at the source, and the TABLE is as simple as can be.

View this site in any non-compliant browser, and it downgrades awfully well. View it in a PDA or web-enabled cell phone, and it still looks peachy.

Ryan Parman

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