OpenBeOS Is Moving Right Along

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If you’re one of the 15–20 people who ever used the BeOS, I’m sure you were pretty bummed out when they were bought out by Palm Computing a while back. We were all going to miss our brilliant little alternative-OS.

Those of you who miss the BeOS may be able to see it again very soon. The OpenBeOS Project is moving right along in resurrecting a fully-functional, completely re-written from the ground-up, R5-compatible version of BeOS 5. At the moment, the project is still called OpenBeOS. However, they have selected a new name, and are in the middle of the trademark process (which has hit a few snags).

The Game Kit, Media Kit, Interface Kit, Input Kit, Kernel, and Networking are the last (and hardest) parts to be completed. The Media Kit, Alpha 1 is available for download to run on BeOS 5. The Be File System project has released OpenBFS 1.0 Beta 6, which I’m running as we speak.

Be-lovers, our time is approaching…

Ryan Parman

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