Internet Explorer for Mac Is Dead

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Shortly after the announcement of the death of a standalone version of Internet Explorer for Windows, the death of Internet Explorer for Mac has come to pass.

Apparently, further updates of IE/Mac will only occur within the MSN for Mac OS X software. Supposedly this decision was made so that Apple could push Safari, Apple’s lightning-fast browser for Mac OS X 10.2 or later, without having fight with Microsoft on the desktop.

Everyone seems to be wondering what in the world Microsoft is doing cutting off IE at the knees. About a year ago, I was reading an article discussing how Microsoft would probably phase out Internet Explorer in favor of MSN Explorer internet software. Now that AOL has signed a seven year deal with Microsoft to continue using IE in it’s own AOL software (despite the fact that AOL owns Netscape), Microsoft may be getting lazy. Either that, or they’ve got something evil in mind…

Ryan Parman

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