New Tarzan pre-release is available!

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Today we announce an updated Tarzan pre-release build for any developers not using the subversion trunk. A lot of work has gone into Tarzan over the past 2 months since the last release, namely:

  • Added the ability to change the content-type of an existing object in S3.

  • Fixed some minor bugs in SimpleDB and S3.

  • Re-wrote all of the documentation in the entire project (which enables us to generate awesome documentation which can be found on the Tarzan documentation page).

  • Launched an entirely new website!

  • Added support for caching frequently requested data to enhance performance. Caching types currently include file-based, APC, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. Informal tests tend to show a speed-up of between 600x–1000x, depending on the request and the type of cache being used.

If you’d rather not use the bleeding-edge subversion trunk builds, you can grab the latest pre-release build from the Tarzan download page. Check it out!

Ryan Parman

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