Minor iTunes 4.8 Features

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iTunes 4.8 is now available! It’s pretty much exactly the same as 4.7 with a couple of minor things that are cool.

  1. Video Playback Option: In the advanced preferences, there’s an option for how video files should be displayed. Can we look forward to movies in iTunes 5?

  2. “Now Playing” Artwork: I’ve been looking for an AppleScript to do this for a while, but never found one. In the album art preview pane, there’s a little arrow that allows you to see the album art of the currently playing track (assuming you’ve added it of course). Granted you need to have a lot of your album art in place for this to be useful, and I do. Yippee!

  3. Digital Rights Enablers: iTunes 4.8 doesn’t take away my fair use rights that I’ve enabled with JHymn… which is good, because this is a deal-breaker for me.

Anyone else have any thoughts to this minor iTunes update?

Ryan Parman

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