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Joe Lieberman spammed me today!

Well, kind of. He’s apparently using the very-evil “StarProse Referrer Advertising System 2004” to spam people’s Refer lists so that he can rank higher in search engines, or at least get people to click through to his site. Y’know all of that comment spam going around? Yeah, well this is the same thing, except for referrer lists.

Lucky, I have “refer spam” countermeasures in place. I’ve got a series of IP’s, Referrers, Hostnames, and SpamBot User Agents that have been blocked for one reason or another. Usually, it’s because they’ve done something not too cool, so I’ve banned them. Generally, these are spammers. If anyone wants this list, let me know.

If Joe wants to be president, then he can go about doing it the right way. But spamming my website is not one of those ways.

Update ( )

Now John Kerry is doing it too. *sigh*

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