Redesign In Progress

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I’m sick of it.

Some people really like the design of this site. I do too, really, but I want something more. I want to be a LION TAMER!

I’ve been significantly inspired by a variety of designs lately, and I think I’m going to attempt to take my favorite elements of a few different designs, play with them, and make them my own. Maybe once I’m done this site will be Vault-worthy.

Some of the designs I’ve been looking at are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I’m also beginning to focus on how to make the best use of the metadata that I’ve got. I think that the integration of my Blogs I Read and RSS Reader sections is good, but can always be improved.

I’m wanting to increase the amount of readers (namely, commentors) on this site in order to make it a more active community. Hopefully, this new design I’m playing with coupled with new ideas, as well as a better focus of topics I discuss should hopefully bring in as much traffic as I can handle.

Ryan Parman

Ryan Parman is an experienced Software/DevOps/Security engineer, currently living in Seattle. He is the creator of and , patented multifactor-authentication-as-a-service at , and came up with the idea of “serverless, event-driven, responsive functions in the cloud” while at AWS in 2010. Ryan's aptly-named blog, , is where he writes about ideas longer than . Ambivert. Curious. Not a coffee drinker.