I Need Your Help!

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I’ve been on a roll with SimplePie development lately (if you couldn’t already tell). Version 0.93 will probably be released in the next day or so, and at that point should be feature-complete. The remaining Pre–1.0 releases (0.94, 0.95, 0.96, etc.) will be dedicated to compatibility fixes. There are a lot of poorly coded feeds out there, and I need to know about them to that I can patch them up as best as possible.

What I need from you are your reading lists. Whatever sites you read or follow via RSS or Atom, I want to know about them. If you’ve got Feed Demon, SharpReader, RSS Bandit, NetNewsWire, Shrook, PulpFiction, or another feed reader, do me a favor and export your feed listings in OPML format (which would be the easiest thing for you) and upload them to your website somewhere. Then, leave a comment that contains the URL to that OPML file. I’ll then go through each and every site and find each and every RSS or Atom feed and test them one-by-one to make sure that SimplePie is as solid and production-ready as possible.

The higher the quantity of feeds I’m able to test, the better SimplePie will be. I know that most of the (standards-compliant) blogging world is pretty solid, but I’ve noticed that many development and programming-related sites have horrendous feeds. I’m also going through the Feed Demon forums and testing as many of those feeds as I can.

Your help would be tremendously appreciated!

Ryan Parman

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