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I Got iBalls… I mean iSight

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My birthday is coming up on Tuesday (lucky me!), but I was allowed to open a present early. My wonderful three-year-old daughter (and her wonderful Mommy) knew exactly what to get me… another toy.

Introducing my new iSight. With the 15 minutes I’ve had to play with it, it’s very cool, and will make chatting my long distance friends even better. I called my best friend Eric to see if he was home and could come online so that I could see this thing in action, but he wasn’t home. Grrr… I want to play.

The only drawback I currently see is that it doesn’t work with Adium. But using iChat AV isn’t a big deal either. I just have to switch chat apps, that’s all.

I’m sure I’ll be writing more about it as I get more and more chances to play with it. If you’ve got an iSight, tell me what you think of it. Is there any cool stuff I should try? Maybe I could even get a chance to voice/video-chat with some of you out there (scary! — my wife says that I can’t talk to any naked hot females though. frump)

First an iPod, then a PowerBook, now an iSight. What’s next? I’m gonna shoot for a dual 2.5 GHz PowerMac G5 with 8GB RAM, 500GB of hard drive space, and an nVidia 6800 Ultra powering a new 30" cinema display. Please excuse me while I wet myself.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I’m gonna leave now to go show my wife how cool I think she really is… grin

Ryan Parman

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