Feed Parser and Blocker Updates

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I’ve just released an update for Feed Parser bringing us up to version 0.5.1. This release sports full support for RSS 1.0, as well as the RSS 0.9x and 2.0 support that’s been there for a while.

Credits for the people who’ve helped me get through tough spots are listed in the release notes and in the code (wherever they contributed). If you’re a Gecko/Mozilla Application Developer itching to develop your own Syndicated News Reader, this engine will do the bulk of the dirty work for you. Read the release notes for my project roadmap.

I’ve also got another update to my Blocker software coming up that’s been in Beta for a couple of weeks now. You should all see that by this weekend (hopefully — no promises though). I’ve also got the next major release in the works. The new version works in conjunction with Dean Allen’s Refer 2.x to keep spambots far, far away. Hopefully, it’ll even render the BotWhack patch useless. Not that it’s a bad patch (I use it myself), but I just think it can be improved upon.

Got comments, questions, or suggestions about any of this? Let me know. =)

Ryan Parman

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