Domain Name Registry of America Scam

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Thank goodness for Andy Budd and his mentioning the scam that is the Domain Name Registry of America. I’ve got all of my web stuff consolidated within a single company, and I know it’s up every summer. I just call them up, and inform them that I want to renew.

I got a letter from them today trying to get me to renew my domain with them. The name sounded familiar from something Andy had said, so I went to work and looked it up. Sure enough, it was exactly who I thought it was.

I’m usually pretty good at catching that kind of stuff, and this time was no exception. I get stuff like that from time to time, and I just throw it away, since I know that nothing will change unless I act… and scammers know that too. Andy’s post just made it easier to spot.

Thanks Andy!

Ryan Parman

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