Winamp 5 Skins

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Well, I changed my mind about downloading Winamp 5.

I downloaded Winamp 5.0rc8 today, and began toying around with it. In my previous Winamp 5 post, I talked about how Winamp 2 was so much faster, but Winamp 3 had so much more potential. I will now say that Winamp 5 is a beautiful cross between the two, keeping the best things from Winamp 3, and adding them to Winamp 2 to create a super-fast, magnificent audio player that supports the skins from both earlier versions! This was definitely the coolest part of it all.

Now, I’m picky when it comes to my Winamp skins. I like to find one or two that I like, and stick with them. Winamp 2 skins were very intuitive and easy to use, but not usually very exciting. Winamp 3 skins looked awesome and were very exciting, but were often times difficult to navigate and use. Hopefully, native Winamp 5 skins will also take the best of both worlds.

Here are my personal favorite skins, available for download. You’ll want to right-click (or control-click for Mac users) and choose to “Save Target As…”

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