Spoofing, Spamming, and Formmail

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For the last few days, I’ve received gibberish emails from… myself. Well, not my actual account, but from the domain, with subject headings listing the URL of my formmail.cgi script. If anyone out there is receiving spam from me, I apologize, it’s not me.

I use PHP to have messages sent to me, so I don’t even use Formmail. I’m going to delete it just to be safe, as I don’t want this to continue. Zeldman had the same problem recently, and although I can’t find it, I remember reading that someone else was having the same problem. Grrr…

Ryan Parman

Ryan Parman is an experienced Software/DevOps/Security engineer, currently living in Seattle. He is the creator of and , patented multifactor-authentication-as-a-service at , and came up with the idea of “serverless, event-driven, responsive functions in the cloud” while at AWS in 2010. Ryan's aptly-named blog, , is where he writes about ideas longer than . Ambivert. Curious. Not a coffee drinker.